2022 SAMLARC Annual Meeting

Pursuant to SAMLARC's Bylaws, the 2022 SAMLARC Annual Meeting will provide an overview of the community's growth and goals. The Annual Meeting will be held at the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club on Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

The Annual Meeting traditionally includes a Board of Directors Election. At the close of the nomination period for this year's Board of Directors election, the number of nominees did not exceed the number of positions to be filled. In accordance with California Corporations Code section 7522(d), the Board declared at the January 25, 2022 Board Meeting that the nominees have been elected. Directors Deborah Christensen, Judy Vasquez, and Greg Wieckert will serve on the Board from February 24, 2022 through the 2024 Election. The Board looks forward to each Director's insight and leadership.

The 2022 Annual Meeting will include a brief overview of SAMLARC's role and purpose. The State of SAMLARC Address will be delivered by SAMLARC staff.

Members interested in attending the Annual Meeting must RSVP to Tita S. Gervasi, Executive Assistant, at tita.gervasi@fsresidential.com.