Partnership with Santa Margarita Water District

The SAMLARC Board of Directors and the Lago Santa Margarita Ad Hoc Committee are vigorously working on a sustainable plan to manage the Golden Algae and return the fishery to Lago Santa Margarita. SAMLARC has recently partnered with the Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD) which is a significant step forward in returning the Lake water quality to a level that will support marine life. The Committee is currently working with SMWD on a very promising option to convert the Lake from a “closed system” to an “open” or “flow through system” where lake water would be recycled and used as irrigation water in designated SAMLARC common areas. Additionally, the Committee continues to work with a prominent Biological Sciences Professor at a local educational institute to further understand the effects and management options relating to Golden Algae. At this time the Lake Committee has requested that Orange County Vector Control provide a small number of mosquito fish to add to the Lake, as a first step to re-introducing fish to Lago Santa Margarita. Although gill fish are unable to survive a significant Golden Algae bloom occurrence, turtle and crayfish are unaffected and currently reside and can be seen in the Lake. The health of the Lake is a top priority for the SAMLARC Board of Directors and all viable options are considered and researched in order to return the fishery to Lago Santa Margarita. For further information, please contact Assistant General Manager, Jeremy Pipp at or (949) 709-0014.

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