Virtual SAMLARC Annual Meeting

Pursuant to the Bylaws, each year SAMLARC is required to conduct an Open Session Annual Meeting of the general membership. The 2021 Annual Meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 7:00 PM. You are cordially invited to attend the Annual Meeting virtually and can find instructions to attend the meeting through the Resident Portal which can be accessed at

One of the purposes of the Annual Meeting is to elect members to the Board of Directors. At the close of nominations for the 2021 Board of Directors Election, there were five (5) candidates for four (4) directors to be elected.

At an Emergency Executive Session Meeting of the Board held on December 2, 2020, President Robert Dickson tendered his resignation from the Board in order to deepen his involvement with family and professional life. To fill the vacancy, the Board appointed Michael May, Board of Directors Election Candidate, to complete the remainder of Director Dickson's term through the 2022 Election.

Prior to accepting his appointment to the Board, candidate May rescinded his candidacy from the 2021 Election. His withdrawal from the Election left four (4) candidates available for the four (4) Director positions coming to term at the 2021 Annual Meeting. As the number of candidates and number of positions coincided, the Board enacted California Corporation Code 7522(d) and elect the existing candidates to serve on the Board from February 25, 2021 through the 2023 Election. This declaration took place at the January 26, 2021 Board of Directors Meeting.

Even though the election of candidates may be conducted pursuant to the above-mentioned procedure, homeowners are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting. This year, the State of SAMLARC Address will be presented. To learn more about the Annual Meeting, please visit

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