October Aquatic Midge Fly Treatment Update

At the September 25, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board approved an additional three aquatic midge fly treatments at the Lake to mitigate the flies’ natural reproductive season. The first round of treatment took place on October 5th, and the second round is scheduled to take place during the week of October 22nd. The duration of each period’s efficacy lasts for three to four weeks; the final round of treatment is scheduled for early November and is anticipated to last through the end of the aquatic midge fly reproductive season.

The aquatic midge fly treatments implement the use of Strike, a growth inhibitor compound that arrests midge fly larvae growth. By inhibiting the maturation of the larvae, they cannot develop wings to emerge from the water and reproduce. Within a few weeks of each round of treatment, a significant drop in the population can be observed. While the compound does not eradicate the winged adult aquatic midge flies, the adult lifespan only lasts for approximately ten days. The treatment does not pose a threat to fish, turtles, crawfish, or other aquatic life.