Aquatic Midge Fly Treatment Process Update

The first phase of the Aquatic Midge Fly Treatment Plan began on Tuesday, September 4th. This plan was approved by the Board at the August 28, 2018 Board Meeting to assist in the mitigation of the aquatic midge fly population. Lake Management, SAMALRC’s new Lake maintenance vendor, is responsible for administering the treatment and will be closely monitoring the Lake for the flies’ response.

Aluminum sulfate was added into the lake during the morning of Tuesday, September 4th. This compound pulls floating particles and sediment to the bottom of the Lake, improving water clarity. A Strike pellet treatment (which disrupts and arrests the midge fly life cycle) was applied during the morning of Wednesday, September 5th. The second treatment of aluminum sulfate is scheduled for Friday, September 7th, and copper sulfate (which reduces available food sources for aquatic midge flies) will be added to the Lake on Monday, September 10th. The treatment does not pose a threat to fish, turtles, crawfish, or other aquatic life. It is anticipated that visible reductions in midge fly population will be observed within three weeks. Once fully effective, the treatment is anticipated to last for thirty days or more.