SAMLARC Assessments Beginning January 1, 2021

The start of a new year is a wonderful time to review your home and community investments, setting a foundation for a smooth year ahead with peace of mind as you set new goals. SAMLARC Members are able to pay monthly assessments through a variety of methods, including paper check and electronic payment. To ensure payments are made promptly each month, the Board recommends that Members take advantage of ClickPay, a streamlined payment platform hosted by SAMLARC’s Management Company, FirstService Residential. When using ClickPay, Members can select one of three payment amount options:

  • Full Amount – Pay all charges on the account (including the assessment and and one-time charges). In January 2021, ClickPay will automatically update this amount to include the $71.00 rate.

  • Recurring Amount – Pay recurring charges only (i.e. the assessment alone). In January 2021, ClickPay will automatically update this amount to include the $71.00 rate.

  • Fixed Amount – Pay a fixed portion of the total due. Any balance due above the fixed amount will not be paid. Homeowners will need to submit a separate, one-time payment for any overage. Please note: ClickPay will not automatically update the fixed rate to reflect the $71.00 rate. Please check your settings to ensure that your assessment is paid appropriately each month.

While Members are encouraged to capitalize on the convenience and security of ClickPay, assessments may also be paid via paper check. To allow adequate processing time, all checks must be received by the 16th of each month. Checks can be mailed to the FirstService Residential Check Processing Center at:

SAMLARC C/O FirstService Residential P.O. Box 62053 Newark, NJ 07101

Regardless of payment method, Members who pay their monthly assessment through their bank or a third-party service should review their payment settings to update the monthly assessment.