Board of Directors Meeting Highlights: January 26, 2021

The SAMLARC Board of Directors held their monthly meeting on the evening of January 26, 2021. Due to gathering restrictions from the State of California and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, the physical assembly of the Board of Directors meeting was not feasible to accomplish while maintaining proper social distancing measures. In order to protect public health while continuing to support SAMLARC operations, the Board of Directors held a virtual Board of Directors meeting on January 26, 2021. Homeowners may access the Open Session and Executive Session Agendas for the meeting and corresponding Open Session Board Agenda Reports through the Homeowner Portal, which can be accessed HERE.

The Board of Directors took action on the following items during the January 26, 2021 Open Session Meeting.

Welcomed Board Director, Michael May, who was appointed at the Emergency Board of Directors Meeting held on Wednesday, December 2nd, following the resignation of former President Robert Dickson.

Adopted the 2021 SAMLARC Policies & Guidelines and the 2021 SAMLARC Architectural Standards. Members will receive a postcard notification regarding the new documents in February 2021. The new Policies & Guidelines and Architectural Standards are available through the Connect Resident Portal and will be implemented on February 9, 2021.

Approved the Agenda for the SAMLARC Annual Meeting, which will take place virtually on February 25, 2021. The Annual Meeting is conducted pursuant to SAMLARC’s Bylaws and is intended to disseminate information regarding programs, projects, issues, initiatives and activities that could have an impact on the membership

Per California Corporation Code section 7522(d), declared that SAMLARC Board Candidates Bob Louvar, Paul Persiani, Robert Sherfy and Charles Villafana are elected to the Board of Directors for the period of February 25, 2021 through the 2023 Election. This declaration was determined after the Inspectors of the Election verified that each Candidate was qualified to serve on the Board, and that the number of Candidates was equal to the number of directors to be elected. SAMLARC will therefore not be required to host an Election in 2021.

Approved the 2021 Board Strategic Plan, which details various initiatives that align with SAMLARC’s Mission and Vision Statements, strengthening property values, maintaining high-quality amenities, and enhancing community lifestyle.

As recommended by the Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee (LFEC) , approved the purchase of waterfowl deterrent devices to reduce Canada Geese activity at the Lake. The devices are designed to annoy the geese without harm and discourage them from inhabiting the Lake, Beach Club, and Trabuco Mesa Park. Over time, the geese are anticipated to migrate to other areas, reducing the effects of overpopulation. The reduction in population size will greatly benefit the Lake’s ecosystem, public safety, and SAMLARC operations.

As recommended by the LFEC, approved a contract for blueprint design services for the future renovation of the Altisima Office space into a Member recreational space. This is a long-term goal of the Board that will continue to be explored throughout 2021.

As recommended by the Assessment Statement Options Ad Hoc Committee, approved a communications campaign to encourage Member enrollment in E-Statements, offering Members a convenient, secure, and eco-friendly way to view their monthly statements online.

All consent calendar items were approved, including:

  • Appointment of Jenny Shoemaker to serve as the SAMLARC Delegate for the Montecito I District. Delegates serve as liaisons between SAMLARC and neighborhoods and primarily serve to represent a particular neighborhood at SAMLARC Elections.

  • As recommended by the Assessment Statement Options Ad Hoc Committee, approval of the Committee Charter. Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Committee will evaluate and provide a recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding SAMLARC assessment statement strategies prepared by Corporate Counsel, and to investigate any other means to encourage homeowners to shift from paper statements to electronic statements

  • As recommended by the Community Lifestyle Committee (CLC), approval of SAMLARC community lifestyle events and programs through May 1, 2021. The robust event calendar includes a virtual Painting Date Night, virtual Spring Scramble family party, virtual Cooking Class, and a drive-through SAMLARC Safari. For more information about upcoming events and programs, please click HERE.

  • As recommended by the CLC, approval of a 2021 Sponsorship Program to invite local businesses and organizations to enhance SAMLARC programs and events.

  • A variety of work authorizations for the ongoing maintenance of SAMLARC assets, as well as contracts with professional service providers to execute maintenance.

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is committed to preserving the value, desirability, and attractiveness of all properties within SAMLARC. For the full Open Session Board of Directors Meeting Agenda, as well as the Board Agenda Reports, please visit the SAMLARC Homeowner Portal which can be accessed HERE. The next Meeting of the Board of Directors is anticipated to be held on February 23, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Pending government restrictions related to COVID-19 and gatherings, the Meeting may be held virtually. More information will be published on prior to the Meeting.

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