National Chlorine Shortage Affects 2 SAMLARC Pools

A nation-wide shortage of chlorine has forced SAMLARC to temporarily suspend operations of the Monte Vista and Solana Pools beginning Monday, July 12. The status of SAMLARC amenities will be as follows:

  • Altisima Pool: OPEN

  • Arroyo Vista Pool: OPEN

  • Beach Club Lagoon: OPEN

  • Monte Vista Pool: CLOSED

  • Solana Pool: CLOSED

Chlorine is essential to maintaining safe and stable water quality at the pool facilities. The Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA) requires specific chlorine levels in all community pools for safety reasons. If pool vendors are not able to acquire enough supply to fulfill those requirements, the pools must be closed per HCA regulations.

SAMLARC’s goal is to support safe operations at all SAMLARC aquatic facilities. However, as supply levels have compromised the water safety and quality, SAMLARC has modify facility operations and closed two (2) of the four (4) SAMLARC Pools until the nationwide shortage begins to stabilize. The Beach Club Lagoon remains open, as well as one (1) Pool in the Melinda Heights area, and one (1) Pool in the main town region. By allocating SAMLARC’s chlorine supply between the Lagoon and two Pools, Members are still able to enjoy amenities throughout the community as vendors work to acquire additional product.

The current, national chlorine shortage is primarily due to the residual effects of high demand by residential consumers, reduced distribution bandwidth, and the burning of a critical manufacturing plant. Major suppliers are navigating the challenges above in addition to the high demand from cities, community centers, and other agencies now that major cities an