COVID-19 Pool Rules

The SAMLARC Pools are a treasured feature of our community, and the SAMLARC Board of Directors is thankful that so many Members have been able to enjoy the facilities over the past two weeks. The current pool reservation system allows Members to create reservations for lap swimming and/or recreational swimming while upholding safe social distancing measures. Pool reservations can be made anytime online at

SAMLARC Members are known for their consideration of others and respectful use of the pools, and the current public health climate provides an additional opportunity to care for our community. Please note that in addition to the standard Pool Rules, the additional protocols below have been implemented to comply with government requirements and support social distancing.

  1. Members must agree to NOT swim if they have any symptoms or exposure risks as listed by the CDC Guidelines.

  2. Members visiting the pool facility must comply with social distancing as mandated by the State of California and Orange County Department of Public Health.

  3. Members should wear a cloth face covering when traveling through common areas of the property where it may not be possible to maintain physical distancing, including to and from the pool, barbeque area and shared restrooms.

  4. All swimmers must be SAMLARC residents and must agree to NOT congregate around the pool facility.