Beginning Home Improvements During COVID-19

As members of the SAMLARC community continue to “Stay Home” to reduce the spread of COVID-19, many homeowners are using this time to complete the home maintenance items that are generally overlooked during busy seasons. SAMLARC’s “Home Improvement Wednesday” article series provides homeowners with practical tips to maintain their homes’ appearance, including weeding, window-washing, stucco care, and gardening. Several homeowners are also using this time to dream big and set the groundwork for large-scale projects. Within the past week alone, SAMLARC has received numerous home improvement applications for projects such as patio covers, windows, and pergolas. The Community Services Team commends each of these homeowners for submitting their applications to SAMLARC and awaiting approval before breaking ground.

One of SAMLARC’s key responsibilities is to preserve and enhance property values through a cohesive community design. A harmonious neighborhood is not only pleasing to the eye, but also attracts higher property values than those with mismatched colors or landscapes. With the majority of homes within SAMLARC being of a Spanish Mediterranean architectural design, SAMLARC’s Mediterranean-inspired plant palette and paint palette offers homeowners a wide variety of design elements to make their home unique while preserving community harmony. SAMLARC oversees the exterior of homes, including landscape, hardscape, paint colors, and windows; as well as any structures that exceed the height of the fence line, such as patio covers or shade structures. A consistent home improvement process ensures that each project is cohesive with SAMLARC’s architectural scheme.