Should SAMLARC Assessments be Reduced if Park Amenities are Closed During COVID-19?

Many inquiries have been received regarding should assessments be reduced as a result of some park amenities being closed through the COVID-19 situation. SAMLARC’s duties and responsibilities to its Membership extend well beyond the temporary closure of tennis courts, swimming pools and playgrounds. Because certain facilities are not available to the Membership during COVID-19, it does not result in a savings that allows for a reduction in assessments.

Read on to learn about SAMLARC’s legal duties and obligations its Membership, as well as the programs and services provided under its governing documents.

As a Master Homeowners Association, SAMLARC is classified as a not for profit corporation, governed by governing documents (articles of incorporation, CC&Rs, bylaws, and rules adopted by the Board of Directors). These documents create legal duties and obligations for the association to continue the preservation and protection of property values, as well as the health and welfare of all Members. To meet these duties and obligations, the Board adopts an annual budget with expenses that are determined in large measure as non-discretionary costs. These costs include insurance, management, professional services, maintenance, repair and replacement of assets and amenities. The federal government, and the Governor of California have recognized that the functions and services provided by the association are essential services. The association must continue to pay those costs despite the economic burdens resulti