Defensible Space Project in Melinda Heights

As California faces aggressive wildfire conditions, fire authorities continue to enforce to preventative mandates that affect many communities in the state, including SAMLARC. The Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) has strengthened its Defensible Space requirements for planned communities – particularly those that are adjacent to wildland. Over the past 4 years, SAMLARC has worked with OCFA to ensure the community remains in compliance with OCFA’s requirements. From June through August 2022, SAMLARC will conduct Defensible Space work in the Melinda Heights area within the Ballantree neighborhood.

June 20 – July 22: Vegetation removal/trimming

July 25 – August 26: Replanting

The landscaped slope leading up to the Ballantree development is owned and maintained by SAMLARC. Per OCFA’s Defensible Space standards, professional service providers will be working to remove dead vegetation/twigs/detritus and plants on the OCFA Undesirable Plant List, trimming or removing plants and/or trees to create the vertical and horizontal spacing recommended by OCFA, and replanting with drought-tolerant, fire-resistant vegetation.