Fall Projects at SAMLARC

SAMLARC’s governing documents outline the Corporation’s purpose, mission, and responsibilities in serving the community. A significant portion of SAMLARC’s operations is dedicated to stewardship of the community’s assets – from parks and pools to fences and sidewalks. A comprehensive schedule of projects is executed to maintain these assets’ usefulness, safety, and aesthetics.

This fall and winter, SAMLARC will be conducting several projects to protect, repair, and maintain several of the common areas. While the projects may temporarily affect access to facilities, the projects are on schedule and necessary to support a safe and beautiful community.

Community Wrought Iron Fencing Project – September 13 – November 4, 2021

The project includes repairs and repainting of select wrought iron fences throughout the Melinda Heights region. In order to complete the project smoothly, homeowners in affected neighborhoods have been asked to remove plant material, decorations, netting, and any other objects from the fences.

Lagoon Off-Season Procedures – October 18-20, 2021