Farewell to Director Jeff Halbreich

At the February 22, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board honored departing Director Jeff Halbreich for his many years of service to the SAMLARC community. Director Halbreich served on the Board from February 2014 through March 2022. As an attentive Board Director and invested community member, Director Halbreich’s contributions have shaped SAMLARC for future years.

Throughout his tenure on the Board, Director Halbreich served as Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, and Vice President in addition to Committee service. His vision has always been to support the beauty of SAMLARC’s parks and amenities. He feels strongly that facilitating Members' positive experiences at SAMLARC begins with responsibly maintaining SAMLARC’s assets, bolstering Member engagement and awareness, and engaging with partner organizations.

Director Halbreich’s professional experience enriched his work as a Board Director, bringing more than twenty-one (21) years of insight as a Certified Financial Planner and business owner to SAMLARC. He served on the Communications Committee, Budget and Cash Flow Committee, Landscape and Facilities Enhancement Committee, COVID 19 Executive Committee, Insurance Review Committee as well as the SAMLARC Business Office Ad Hoc Committee. He also served as the Liaison for the RSM Sports Council and Rancho Santa Margarita Chamber of Commerce.

Director Halbreich is a U.S. Army Veteran and 14-year resident of SAMLARC with an amazing family which regularly participates in SAMLARC activities and events, from the 4th of July Star Spangled Spectacular to the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Director Halbreich’s impacts have been greatly appreciated by SAMLARC as well as within the community.

SAMLARC thanks Director Halbreich for his volunteerism and dedication to the SAMLARC Board of Directors, as well as to the residents and community of Rancho Santa Margarita.