Water Conditions in Lago Santa Margarita: 11/5/20 Update

Following the November 1, 2020 observation of stressed fish at the Lago Santa Margarita, SAMLARC has been working to ensure that the Lake withstands changes in weather, water chemistry, and ecosystem. The SAMLARC Board of Directors, SAMLARC’s Management Company (FirstService Residential), and the Lake’s professional service provider (Lake Management, Inc.) have been working to determine the cause of stress and mitigate the number of fish affected. This plan has included the following actions over the past week:

  • Multiple rounds of water sample collection for both onsite evaluation and lab inspection.

  • Heightened custodial service around the Lakeshore, including removal of debris from the perimeter of the Lake to prevent runoff into the water.

  • Frequent water patrol to assess fish activity, including collection of fish and debris.

Based on the results of onsite water testing, visual assessment, and historic data, it has been determined that a golden algae bloom occurred in the Lake over the weekend of November 1st. However, improved water quality and energetic fish activity as of November 4, 2020 indicates that the Lake is stabilizing.

Golden algae (Prymnesium parvum) grows in many man-made, freshwater lakes