Hometown Heroes

Heroes from every walk of life have emerged to lend a helping hand during the COVID-19 pandemic. SAMLARC would like to hear about and share stories of the efforts of hometown heroes that are making a difference in our community. SAMLARC Members from all essential industries have sustained the community during this crisis; from healthcare providers, caregivers, first responders and law enforcement to those employed in the postal services, grocery stores, take-out restaurants, pharmacies and convenience stores. We encourage you to share stories of the efforts of your family members, friends and neighbors in essential fields such as these, so that we may honor their service and courage. Please click HERE to submit your hometown hero story!

As the physical and social impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have disrupted our everyday routines, the activities that we once took for granted have shifted as we adapt to our new “normal.” Many members of the community are able to stay home, work remotely, and limit their interpersonal actions – doing their part to “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of the virus. However, behind the scenes of this new reality is an essential workforce that bravely serves the community every day.

These hometown heroes often work shifts that span over twelve (12) hours per day, at times with limited access to personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves. Their jobs include not only physical treatment but also support the emotional wellbeing of those in need. Many have also made the difficult decision to live apart from their families, continuing to protect public health even after the workday is over. Their expertise and dedication are invaluable to society as whole.