Home Improvement Tip: Weeds

For many of us, our home is our happy place. What better a time than now to tackle a few of the home maintenance projects you never have time to do? Many projects can be completed with items you already have in your own garage. Beginning today, SAMLARC will offer a weekly article, “What to Do on Wednesday,” to inspire Members to beautify their homes. Our first project is: Pull Weeds Wednesday

With warmer weather and longer days, now is the time to tackle the task of pulling weeds. Weeds can pop up in your grass, flower and vegetable gardens and even in the cracks of your driveway. The correct way to pull a weed is to use a pinch and pull method. Pinch the weed close to the base of the weed plant and gently, but firmly, pull the weed out of the ground. At least a few (and hopefully all) of the roots will come away with the weed plant. If you want to pull small weeds away from small, desirable plants, hold the soil down with one hand while pulling the weed out with the other hand to minimize the disruption to the soil. For weeds with a deep taproot, grasp the top of the taproot, rather than the plant’s leaves, and pull the root up with a slight twisting motion. Be sure to dispose of your weeds in your green trash receptacle.

Easy Homemade Weed Deterrent

  • 3 cups distilled white vinegar

  • 3/4 cup regular table salt

  • 2 tsp Dawn dish soap (some gardeners find that blue works best)

  • 3 tsp liquid arthritis rub

In a spray bottle, add all the ingredients plus the capsicum type rub found at the dollar store and grocery stores for only a few dollars. Shake until well mixed. Apply directly to the leaves of the weed. It starts working almost immediately, by 24 hours the weed is almost completely gone. It will continue to die and wither away!