Home Improvement Tips: Lawns

Do your neighbors have gorgeous green lawns? Do you ask yourself, “why is their grass greener?" You might look at your own struggling yard and wonder how they do it. You both live in the same neighborhood so the soil and rainfall between your yards should be the same, shouldn't it? The good news is that achieving a greener yard doesn’t have to be hard. With just a few easy steps, you can learn how to make your grass greener.

1. Change the Way you Water Your Grass

If your grass is dying, watering it should be the first step. Just like any other plant, grass needs adequate water to survive. Many people make the mistake of turning their sprinkler system on for a few minutes every day. However watering your grass less often and for longer periods of time is a better way to make grass green. Longer watering ensures the water will seep deeper into the soil and reach the roots of your grass while watering it less often makes sure they don’t drown.

2. Go Natural With the Fertilizer

Fertilizer is another helpful step when making grass greener. Fertilizer is one of those things that many people believe is all the same, so they just go for the least expensive option. However, you should check for a natural fertilizer. They tend to work better than synthetic fertilizers, and they’re better for the environment!

3. Don’t Cut Grass Too Short

If your grass is dry and brown, you may be tempted to remove as much as possible. However, grassroots grow relative to the blade height. This means if you mow your grass very short, the roots won’t grow very deeply into the soil. Short roots make grass more susceptible to heat and drought. When learning how to make your lawn greener, make sure you mow your lawn no shorter than 2-3 inches. It may not look the best at first, but when the roots grow longer, your grass will have an easier time reaching water and the nutrients needed to revive itself.

4. Try Aerating Your Lawn

Just like you need the best soil for gardens to grow flowers, you need proper soil to make grass green. Kids and adults can cause the soil to become compacted by walking or playing in the yard. When this happens, it’s