Home Improvements in Your SAMLARC Community

SAMLARC was designed with cohesion in mind - from the white stucco and red tile roofs of the Beach Club and Pools to the colorful landscape along the streets of Santa Margarita, Antonio, and Las Flores. A thoughtfully planned community aesthetic sets SAMLARC apart from other communities and protects the overall value of the community through the tests of time.

SAMLARC’s residential design is inspired by the colors, textures, and warmth of the Mediterranean - and in particular, the pragmatism and loveliness of Spanish-Mediterranean aesthetics. SAMLARC’s plant palette has been curated to feature plants that thrive in long, hot summers and winter rains. The paint palette incorporates tasteful colors that will not only maintain property values, but also preserve the attractiveness of the community as it ages. When these facets work in tandem, the result is a community filled with homes that reflect the warmth of its members.

When considering a home improvement project, it is important to partner with SAMLARC’s Community Services team to align your vision with SAMLARC’s design. Before breaking ground, be sure to review SAMLARC’s resources and forms to make your design process go smoothly! Important pieces of information to review include:

  • SAMLARC Architectural Standards and Policies & Guidelines

  • Residential Paint Palette

  • Mediterranean Plant List

  • Home Improvement Application (including checklists, site plans, and neighbor notification forms)