Exclusive Homeowner Portal Launching September 14!

The SAMLARC community is filled with Members who lead dynamic lives – participating in SAMLARC programs, relaxing at the Parks, Pools, and Lagoon, investing in their homes, supporting community organizations, and enjoying SAMLARC’s “lifestyle village” experience. As technology has developed, SAMLARC has expanded its resources to stay connected with Members. Thanks to SAMLARC.org, social media, and the SAMLARC Life mobile app, Members and their families can stay up to date on the news, projects, and activities that make up this signature community. Beginning on September 14, the SAMLARC Board of Directors is excited to launch a new way that homeowners can also manage the “business” facet of homeownership within SAMLARC: the Connect Resident Portal.

The Connect Resident Portal is an exclusive homeowner resource that allows Members to view and pay their assessments, submit architectural modification applications, request common area maintenance, view Association documents, update their contact information, and find answers to frequently asked questions - all in one convenient place! The Portal is also directly connected with SAMLARC’s Property Management Company, FirstService Residential (FSR), so homeowners can view any of their homes in FSR communities. SAMLARC.org/homeowners will include an overview of the Portal as well as an embedded link to launch the Portal itself!

The Portal was identified by the Board as a valuable asset in helping homeowners easily manage the “business” of their Membership to SAMLARC. Integration of the Portal was approved by the Board at the August 25, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting. The Portal will become available to homeowners on September 14, 2020. At that time, the current “private” pages of SAMLARC.org (e.g. Board Meeting Packets, Minutes, Financials, Elections, etc.) will be redirected to the Portal, where they can be securely viewed by homeowners.