Lago Santa Margarita Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Highlights: July 2019

The Lago Santa Margarita Ad Hoc Committee was formed in 2017 to provide input and recommendations related to the treatment and management of golden algae, with the primary goal of providing and aquatic environment where fish could thrive and fishing be restored.

The Committee met on June 19, 2019 to discuss the Lake Ecosystem Repair Project and its effects on the Lake’s water chemistry. The Committee is comprised of three Board Directors: Dennis Reid (SAMLARC Director and Committee Chair), Robert Louvar (SAMLARC CFO), and Charles Villafana (SAMLARC Secretary) whose professional insights are invaluable to restoring the Lake’s health and beauty. The Committee’s discussion included:

  • Updates on the Lake’s monthly water quality level test results. According to May 2019 test readings, the Lake’s water chemistry is slowly rebalancing. The concentration of total dissolved solids (nutrients and salinity in the water column) has lowered, and water clarity is considered fair to good for an urban reservoir. While the presence of golden algae was still detected, the quantity of algae has reduced since the April 2019 test readings, and the overall algal community is considered stable.

  • The purchase of additional fish for the Lake. Based on the positive 2019 water quality test readings, the Committee