Water Science Study

The Lago Santa Margarita Ad hoc Committee has met twice since the Committee was formed and are in the process of researching possible options for the treatment/management of the lake. The Committee has met with a Biological Sciences professor who is studying Golden Algae to discuss management techniques that may be implemented at Lago Santa Margarita. Additionally the Committee met with representatives from the Lake Mission Viejo Association to discuss the treatments used for Golden Algae at Lake Mission Viejo. The Board of Directors contacted the Santa Margarita Water District to further discuss treatment/management options and to look into the cost of the most effective options for the lake. The next steps for the committee are to perform a complete lake water sampling and analyze the results, research historical lake water data for comparison purposes, contact Diversified Waterscapes Inc. in Laguna Niguel to discuss their treatment of Golden Algae, and continue working with industry professionals and other local lake communities on the best management practices to deal with Golden Algae.

For more information on the Lago Santa Margarita, please visit SAMLARC.org/lake-updates