Lake Ecosystem Restoration Project Breaks Ground

This week marks the arrival of key components of the Lake Ecosystem Restoration Project: Fine bubble diffusers and floating botanical islands. These components will work together to help revitalize the Lake’s health and beauty.

The fine bubble diffusers will be installed along the Lakebed in eleven (11) designated locations. Fine bubble diffusers send air upward from the Lakebed, creating substantial water movement throughout the Lake. Water movement reduces sediment buildup and increases oxygen levels – key factors in ongoing water quality management and in providing nutrients for floating botanical islands.

Floating botanical islands will be instrumental in combating golden algae growth. Working in partnership with the Lake Ad Hoc Committee, SAMLARC vendor Eco Lake Solutions has created an island plant palette curated for deep roots and beauty. The palette includes plants such as dwarf papyrus, water spearmint, calla lilies, and a variety of grasses to harmonize with the landscape surrounding the Lake. As the plants develop underwater root systems, they will compete with golden algae for the nutrients within the Lake – reducing the potency and frequency of golden algae blooms. This will lead to a Lake that is able to sustain a healthy fish population, restoring the natural rhythms of the Lake’s ecosystem.