Golden Algae Bloom Results in Fish Kill

Golden Algae is a natural occurrence in fresh water lakes. It can lay dormant for months, and suddenly bloom. When Golden Algae blooms, it releases a toxin that is harmful to fish, causing the fish to die. There is no effective short term or long term treatment for Golden Algae at this time. Golden Algae is known to most frequently bloom during the months of October and November. Although Lago Santa Margarita successfully went through the month of October without a bloom, Golden Algae has released its toxins, resulting in what is referred to as a fish kill which began Saturday morning, November 4th. SAMLARC staff is onsite all weekend to remove stressed fish and fish that have perished due to the Golden Algae bloom. SAMLARC is developing a project to address Golden Algae through reducing salinity and the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the Lake. However, the project is not scheduled to begin until 2018. We ask for your patience and understanding as we address the current Golden Algae bloom. Should you have questions, or wish additional information please email Assistant General Manager Jeremy Pipp at

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