Updated Project Overview

At the November 21st, 2017 SAMLARC Monthly Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved a contract with the engineering firm Woodard and Curran for them to provide design services throughout the Lake Eco System Repair Project. The kick-off meeting for the preliminary design phase of the Lake Eco System Repair Project was on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 and included members from the SAMLARC Lake Ad Hoc Committee along with SAMLARC Management and several engineers from Woodard and Curran. This meeting occurred on-site at the Lago Santa Margarita to provide a complete picture of scale and design for the project.

The purpose of the SAMLARC Lake Ad Hoc Committee is to provide input and recommendations related to the Lago Santa Margarita in an effort to treat and manage the Golden Algae problem. The goal of this Lake Eco System Repair Project is to bring the Lake back to full health using technology that has proven results supported by experts who will carry the project from the design phase to completion.

Throughout the initial kick-off meeting, the engineers and committee members discussed design elements for the Lake Eco System Repair project. The project is currently in a preliminary stage with the actual construction to begin in mid- to late July 2018 once the design and planning phase is complete. Although the project elements will be mostly contained underground, Lake users and Lakeshore walkers may be impacted during the construction process.