Rancho Life Lake Update Correction

The following information is a correction to the Comprehensive Lake Update article published in the summer edition of Rancho Life.

Emerging equipment design and data project that the Lake pump system’s average rate will be comparable to current Lakeshore irrigation usage: 31,000 gallons per day, with total Lake water volume replacement approximately every four years. This updated projection more accurately depicts normal usage rates than the maximum capacity estimate of 120,000 gallons per day and Lake water volume replacement approximately every 250 days stated in the published article. The initial calculation published in Rancho Life took into consideration the dual functions of the Lake pump system: replacement of Lake water to reduce the Lake’s nutrient buildup, and the successive use of that nutrient-saturated water to irrigate the Lakeshore Park.

Further calculations and assessments have also determined that the pump need not run continuously. The pump will instead respond to weather-sensitive irrigation timers (similarly to other SAMLARC landscaping practices). This means that the duration of time the pump runs will adjust according to seasonal need: more frequently in summer and less frequently in winter. Once the water has flowed through the Lake’s pump system, it will be redirected to irrigate the Lakeshore Park landscaping, reflecting SAMLARC’s commitment to responsible water stewardship. The maximum-stress scenario stated in the article assumes the Lake pump system would need to supply water to all Lakeshore Park irrigation heads simultaneously for an extended period of time, and is not likely to occur in normal operations.