​Board Approves Algae & Aquatic Midge Fly Treatment Plan

​​Over the summer of 2018, Southern California has experienced a dramatic increase in aquatic midge fly activity, and the Lago Santa Margarita has seen a similar swell in its aquatic midge fly population. Though the aquatic midge fly is harmless and a normal part of the Lake’s ecosystem, the abundance of flies has detracted from the Community’s pleasant experiences at the Lake over the summer. At the August 28, 2018 Meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board approved a three-step treatment plan to assist in the mitigation of the aquatic midge fly population. ​ The three-step treatment plan will begin on Wednesday, September 5th and is anticipated to become fully effective within three weeks, lasting thirty days or more. The treatment plan applied to the water poses no threat to the aquatic life currently in the Lake – fish, crawfish, and turtles will not be harmed. The plan consists of the implementation of copper sulfate, aluminum sulfate, and Strike to help contest the growth of the midge fly population. ​ The first element to be applied to the water will be Strike, which arrests the growth and reproduction cycle of aquatic midge flies. After a one-day waiting period, aluminum sulfate will then be applied to the water: aluminum sulfate pulls floating sediments and particles to the bottom of the Lake, improving clarity. After another day, copper sulfate will be applied to the water to diminish the algae within the Lake – reducing available food sources for aquatic midge flies. ​ The treatment will be implemented by SAMLARC’s new Lake vendor, Lake Management, Inc. beginning Wednesday, September 5th. This treatment is a 14-21 day process, and is anticipated to last for over 30 days. Due to the length of the fly life cycle and the specific mode of action of Strike products, reduction in the aquatic midge fly population occurs roughly 2 weeks after treatment. ​ For questions about the Midge Fly Treatment Plan, please contact Jerry Corpuz, Beach Club and Aquatic Facilities Manager. He can be reached at 949-409-4009 or jerry.corpuz@fsresidential.com