Minnows Released at the Lago Santa Margarita

​As you walk around the Lake, keep an eye out for these little minnows that were just released to help combat aquatic midge flies!

The fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) is a natural predator of aquatic midge flies, feeding on the flies’ underwater larvae. This is an important facet of midge fly population control: though chemical sprays provide temporary relief from adult swarms, underwater treatment is expensive and ineffectual. Fathead minnows offer a natural method of battling the larvae population, reducing the number of flies that reach adulthood. As water samples taken in July 2018 have shown sufficient decrease in golden algae levels (the primary instigator of fish kills), it has been determined that these hardy fish can be introduced to the Lake to mitigate the midge fly population without great strain on the Lake’s ecosystem.

We hope to see a reduction in the aquatic midge fly population within a few weeks, and we are continuing to research additional, environmentally-sensitive methods of midge fly population management!

Click HERE to watch the minnows' arrival in their new home!