Fish and Fowl at Lago Santa Margarita

Within just a few weeks of treatment, the Lake is beginning to display its beauty again!

The Algae and Aquatic Midge Fly Treatment Plan began on September 4th and has already begun to significantly reduce the midge fly population, lower algae levels, and clarify the Lake’s water. The treatment does not pose a threat to fish, turtles, crawfish, or other aquatic life. In fact, it has become easy to spot the underwater aquatic life. Be on the lookout for fathead minnows, mosquitofish, and crawdads!

As the minnow and mosquitofish have adjusted to the Lake, their numbers are beginning to grow. Several schools of these small, hardy fish have been spotted darting about the Lake – and have caught the eye of long-unseen waterfowl such as the brown night heron. We look forward to the return of the Lake’s health, beauty, and wildlife.

It is anticipated that the Midge Fly Treatment Plan will assist in arresting the aquatic midge fly population through the remainder of their reproductive season. We look forward to beginning a new season with blue waters and clear skies.