Portrait of a Healthy Lake

Originally published in Rancho Life Fall 2018

The Lago Santa Margarita is a focal point of the SAMLARC community and a popular destination for leisure and recreation. The Lake’s current state impacts not only the Membership’s experiences at the Lake, but the ecosystem as a whole. The SAMLARC Board of Directors is committed to pursuing the most effective solutions available to restore the Lake’s health and beauty. Revitalizing the waters of the Lake itself will have a tremendous, positive impact on the Lake ecosystem, resulting in a serene environment for the community – fish, fowl or friend – to enjoy.


The Lake holds 31 million gallons of water, covering 11.5 surface acres. Over the past 33 years, much of that water has evaporated under the hot California sun. Although the water is replenished, the evaporation over the years has resulted in an increased concentration of nutrients and salinity, altering the Lake’s water quality and clarity. The most effective method of mitigating the high concentration of nutrients and salinity is the partial draining of the Lake water and introduction of fresh water into the Lake. The movement of water throughout the Lake will also increase its oxygen levels, which will help keep excessive nutrient buildup at bay. A healthy Lake will not only look beautiful, but demonstrate balance in within its water column.


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