Lago Santa Margarita Update - 9/7/2021

The Lago Santa Margarita is an invaluable community asset which requires comprehensive maintenance. SAMLARC continuously monitors the overall health of the Lake in order to provide a peaceful environment for Members to enjoy, while also acknowledging the natural rhythms of a living ecosystem.

The Lago Santa Margarita is a man-made lake, and like many others, contains a variety of algae that bloom (reproduce) in various conditions. Over the weekend of September 4, 2021, the Lake experienced a sudden bloom of blue-green algae which stressed the fish in the water. Turtles, waterfowl, and visitors were unharmed. Thanks to SAMLARC’s Active Lake Management Plan, staff and professional vendors were able to quickly assess and mitigate the loss of stressed fish. As of September 7, the Lake’s water quality is returning to normal levels, and SAMLARC will continue to observe the environment for additional blooms.

As California transitions into fall, changing weather patterns will prompt changes in the natural composition of the Lake’s ecology. This includes temperature dips, migrating birds, the growth and dispersion of fish, and increased algal activity. While SAMLARC endeavors to maintain the harmony of all of these facets, imbalances of water quality, weather, or even visitor behavior may negatively affect the Lake’s ecology.

The SAMLARC Board of Directors asks that all Members, guests, and nearby businesses assist in protecting the Lake’s harmony by following these guidelines: