SAMLARC Resources & Reminders

As 2021 comes to a close, the Board of Directors thanks all Members for their partnership in creating a thriving community! SAMLARC is proud to offer a wide variety of amenities, events, and services that encourage Members and their families to enjoy a valuable and energetic community lifestyle. Please read on for important information and reminders as we approach the new year.

Coming Soon to Altisima Pool: Vista Room

Play, connect, and dive into community living at the Vista Room – coming to SAMLARC in Spring 2022! Designed as an indoor/outdoor multi-use recreation space, the Vista Room will serve the multi-faceted needs of our community. Families will be able to reserve the space for private gatherings, SAMLARC classes and clubs can host recurring events, and community organizations will be able to rent the space for small meetings. This space provides families with a dedicated gathering place – upholding SAMLARC’s vision for a dynamic community founded in strong relationships. This project is possible thanks to consistent contributions to SAMLARC’s reserves. Reserve funding is a budgeting process that identifies the expected “useful life” of an asset, and over time, allocates funds for that asset’s replacement or improvement. Reserve contributions are critical to not only maintaining the functionality of an amenity (such as this year’s replacement of one Central Park slide), but also ensuring that SAMLARC’s amenities and assets remain relevant to SAMLARC Members as community needs and interests evolve. Construction began on November 15, 2021 and is anticipated to conclude in the spring of 2022. The pool facility will remain closed while heavy construction is taking place, and the pool itself will reopen when the initial construction phase is complete. The Board looks forward to opening the Vista Room in spring of 2022! Be sure to check for updates over the coming weeks.

2022 Assessment Rate

SAMLARC’s Governing Documents outline the many responsibilities the Corporation holds in community management, including community services, maintenance and improvement of amenities, and financial stewardship - all key factors in the preservation of property values. Each year, SAMLARC builds a budget to realistically address the resources needed to fulfill these obligations. The budget incorporates fixed and anticipated expenses, reserve contributions (i.e. long-term savings requirements and best practices), events and programs, Member services, future community enrichment, and Civil Code requirements. As with any homeowners association, SAMLARC’s budget is built by evaluating these