SAMLARC Welcomes New Landscape Partners

The Board of Directors is committed to maintaining the beauty of the Association’s landscape. From parks and fields to streetscapes and medians, SAMLARC’s landscape spans more than three hundred (300) acres.

Professional landscape service providers are critical to maintaining the appearance and health of SAMLARC’s landscape. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, managing the landscape was a full-time job for a crew of fifty-one (51) landscapers. Over time, the crew was cut back to reduce financial burden, resulting in deteriorating health as the landscape aged. The conditions were exacerbated by the recent drought and water restrictions. However, as approved in the 2020 SAMLARC Budget, the Board of Directors has moved to increase funding for and the level of SAMLARC’s landscape service. The Board of Directors looks forward to collaborating with landscape professionals, BrightView Landscape Services and Sunset Landscape Maintenance, Inc., in revitalizing the health and beauty of SAMLARC’s top asset; its landscape. Both service providers offer specialized services that will help amend the current state of the landscape and, over time, improve its natural beauty.

BrightView Landscape Services’ industry knowledge has been fine-tuned over one hundred forty (140) years of company development and reformation. The organization takes pride in delivering consistently excellent results for their clients throughout the lifecycles of their landscapes. BrightView’s portfolio includes resorts, museums, theme parks, and a wide variety of Homeowners Associations throughout the United States. Their team of experts specializes in water management, tree care, turf maintenance, mulch and soil production, and high-end landscape care. Working specifically with SAMLARC Management, strategic members of the BrightView team will maintain SAMLARC’s parks and sports fields in 2020.

Sunset Landscape Maintenance, Inc. was established in 1976. From the start, Sunset’s objective has been to provide quality landscape maintenance to Homeowners Associations throughout Orange County. Their commitment to high-quality service is balanced by sensitivity to Association’s budgets. The company has been engaged by SAMLARC in previous years to provide landscape services to the Melinda Heights area. Sunset’s performance and dedication in this area has proven the company to be a valuable partner in maintaining SAMLARC’s landscape assets. With expertise in aboriculture, irrigation control, backflow repair and seasonal plantings, Sunset has created a detailed service plan for maintaining SAMLARC’s streets and medians in 2020.

Over the course of 2020, SAMLARC Members will observe improvements to the community landscape, beginning with foundational restorative work in Quarter 1 of 2020. Throughout the year, information regarding large-scale landscape projects will be provided