Bringing Community Closer: Volunteer with SAMLARC!

SAMLARC Committees are a vital link between the Membership and the Board of Directors. From the Architectural Review Committee’s support of cohesive community aesthetics to the Lago Santa Margarita Committee’s preservation of the Lake’s ecosystem, each Committee serves a special purpose in maintaining and enhancing the SAMLARC community. SAMLARC’s Committees are comprised of passionate volunteers who help SAMLARC better serve our community. These Committee Members are visionary leaders who offer their creativity, professional insight and practical experience to SAMLARC’s many projects and initiatives. Their efforts directly contribute to the unique environment and lifestyle which make SAMLARC a desirable community.The events and programs you enjoy throughout the year as well as the new SAMLARC Life mobile app were developed through SAMLARC Committees! The Board of Directors is grateful for the dedicated volunteers who help nurture our unique community, and is proud to support the following Committees:

  • Communications Committee

  • Community Lifestyle Committee

  • Architectural Review Committee

  • Covenant Committee

  • Budget and Cash Flow Committee*

  • Lago Santa Margarita Committee*

  • Insurance Review Committee*

  • Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee*

  • Election Committee*

*Board-driven Committees

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