Board Welcomes Director Michael May

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is pleased to welcome SAMLARC Member Michael May to the Board of Directors. Director May was appointed to the Board at the December 2, 2020 Emergency Executive Session Board of Directors Meeting following the resignation of Director Robert Dickson announced at that meeting. Director May serves for the remainder of the term through the Annual Meeting in 2022. Director May was formally welcomed to the Board at the January 26, 2021 Board of Directors Open Session Meeting. The Board looks forward to his partnership in enhancing the SAMLARC community.

Director May brings a wealth of professional insight and hometown spirit to his position on the Board. Having called SAMLARC home for nearly seven years, and as an experienced real estate agent, he is familiar with the long-term rewards of investing in one’s home and community - echoing SAMLARC’s commitment to preserving the community’s value. His passion for community-building is reflected in his previous service as a coach with Santa Margarita Little League. He will also draw on the leadership skills cultivated through his Masters in Organizational Leadership and engagement with the nonprofit fraternal Freemasons organization. This combination of personal and professional insight will enrich his role as a Director.

Director May recognizes the benefits of nurturing SAMLARC’s reputation as a family-friendly community. A key factor in selecting a home in Rancho Santa Margarita is the community’s ability to help children build core social groups through local schools, sports, and events. In addition, Director May’s Texas roots have given him a great appreciation for SAMLARC’s relationship with the land. “With the Saddleback Mountains framing our town, this feels like a destination. Other communities closer to the freeway have a busy flow of commuters, visitors, and businesses – but Rancho Santa Margarita has a close-knit, small-town feeling with modern amenities.”

While serving on the Board, Director May hopes to continue SAMLARC’s momentum in sustaining high-quality amenities and excellent services. “SAMLARC takes an active role in maintaining the lifestyle we ‘bought into’ when we moved to Rancho,” he says. “Our kids were very young when we moved here, but now we use all of the parks and pools, walk the Lake, and join in the events. I want to maintain what we have as a community and make it better if we can.”

Director May joins six other Board Members who share the same vision for a lively community and dedication to preserving SAMLARC’s attractiveness for original, new, and future homeowners. The Board looks forward to beginning a new year with SAMLARC’s continued success in mind. To learn more about SAMLARC’s Board of Directors, please visit

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