Board Welcomes Director Robert Sherfy

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is pleased to welcome SAMLARC Member Robert Sherfy to the SAMLARC Board of Directors. Director Sherfy’s service on the Board was announced at the January 26, 2021 Board Meeting, following the Board taking action to declare that Bob Louvar, Paul Persiani, Robert Sherfy and Charles Villafana who have been duly nominated and are qualified to be elected have been elected under California Corporation Code section 7522(d), which provides: “If after the close of nominations, the number of people nominated for the board is not more than the number of directors to be elected, the corporation many without further action declare that those nominated and qualified to be elected have been elected.”

Having called SAMLARC home for more than five years, he is familiar with the long-term rewards of investing in one’s home and community - echoing SAMLARC’s commitment to preserving the community’s value. The Board looks forward to his partnership in enhancing the SAMLARC community.

Director Sherfy recognizes SAMLARC’s unique role as both a community structure and a recreational organization. His career as a Deputy Assistant and City Attorney for the City of Bakersfield complements SAMLARC’s similarities to a municipal entity. In addition to his professional experience, Director Sherfy has served on the SAMLARC Covenant Committee for three years. As a Committee Member, he has approached resolving policy violations with a collaborative spirit. “There’s a satisfying feeling when the Committee and homeowners collaborate to find the resolution to a compliance problem,” he says. These unique experiences will enrich his role as a Director.